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We are selective, infrequent breeders, believing that quality is more important than quantity.  Because we do not often have litters, we rarely have puppies available.  We would be happy to refer anyone interested in Borzoi to a reputable breeder or to Borzoi Rescue.


We are active in Borzoi Rescue and have taken in and fostered numerous Borzoi until they were ready to go to their forever homes.  All Borzoi coming into our house get a thorough vet treatment and the material and emotional support they need to become healthy, happy dogs.  Here are some before-and-after pictures of some of our recent guests.


Nethie at the vet's office, frightened, flea-bitten and matted
Nethie shaved down.  She was red with eczema.
A fat, happy, well-coated Nethie the day she left us
An old soul who has seen and experienced much in her six years
Smoke, as he arrived after his first trip to the vet.  He was the most emotionally damaged Borzoi we ever encountered.
Smoke, restored to good physical and emotional health, the day he went to his forever home


Club Memberships

We are members of numerous dog clubs:

We take our memberships seriously, serving in a variety of posts.   Prudence is a Regional Governor for the Borzoi Club of America and the President of the Houston Area Hound Association.  She is also working to establish a Borzoi Health and Welfare Foundation to provide funding for Borzoi health and Borzoi in need.  We're active on the day of the show as well, working in positions such as Hospitality Chair or Chief Ring Steward.



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